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MAR + MER | TU Selects 56

MAR + MER | TU Selects 56
Mar+Mer - True underground Selects 56
Mar+Mer's music is an addictive and raw representation of the electronic music scene.

Marshall and Mermand are the creative masterminds behind Mar+Mer, currently taking the scene by storm. Marshall, born into a musical family, began his love for music in Washington, DC. His dad, Pete Marshall, was an RCA recording artist and his late godfather, Van McCoy, was famed Composer of "Do the Hustle." Marshall's calmness and intrigue into the world generally, is addictive. Mermand, raised in London, developed his love for electronic music at a young age in the dynamic house music club scene. His classical music background combined with his passion for electronic music, gives his sound a unique edge. His uplifting and energetic outlook on life compliments the creative music scene that they frequent and command.
Collectively, their music e derived from four decades of modern music, marked by an energetic performance of enthusiasm Punitive auras, infectious melodies, and bouncy rhythms spill onto the dance floor amidst a sea of good vibes They have already had successful releases on major house music labels such as Monaberry and Fryhyde Their latest vork as an even stronger testament to their ability to create music that truly resonates with people

Mar+Mer have travelled the world and continue to do so while managing residencies in Dubai. The joining of these two already strong DJ/producers and the contrast of their music has never made a crossing of the seas such an attractive prospect to listen to.

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